Superlite 9.5 XL

Superlite 9.5 XL
Bestellnummer: CM-S4009.5XL
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It may seem a contradiction in terms but the Superlite 9.5 XL really is an extra-large extra-light foam mat. It’s all about getting the right balance between weight reduction and comfort. There’s no point having an ultra-light mat if it’s too small to give you a good night’s sleep, so Multimat has attended to the needs of those people who need a bigger sleeping area. The mat we’ve produced is not only 50mm longer and 75mm wider than the standard but also nearly 20% thicker too, providing extra support and comfort for larger framed campers with light-weight requirements. So for XL-sized backpackers and XL-sized ultra-lightweight competitors, the Multimat Superlite 9.5 XL is naturally the extra-large extra-light foam mat of choice. With the same fitted eyelets and webbing to speed up rolling and packing as the rest of the range, there should be no holding you back..

IsoliervermögenR 2.7
Dicke9.5 mm (XL)
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