Trekker Thermal 10 XL

Trekker Thermal 10 XL
Bestellnummer: CM-FVR010FOILXL
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19,99€ Preis ohne Steuer: 16,80€
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While all mats in the range are designed for year-round use, one stands out above the rest as an all season foam sleeping mat and that one is the Trekker Thermal 10 XL.


What makes it different is that it is fitted with a metalised and embossed layer of polyethylene film which provides extra insulation and increases durability.


It also provides a bigger surface area being two inches longer and two inches wider than a normal full-sized mat, to provide additional comfort.


Yet it still only retails at £16.50 (rrp) and rolls up small and light enough to be easily carried with restraining straps in a backpack, making it ideal for Guides and other youth groups.


So for an all season foam sleeping mat, Multimat’s Trekker Thermal 10 XL takes some beating.
IsoliervermögenR 2,5
Dicke10 mm (XL)
Packmaße560 x 170mm
Abmessungen1850 x 550mm
FarbeMoD/Foil Film
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